It’s not Public Speaking People Fear; It’s Public Humiliation! Learn four simple mind hacks to help you overcome performance anxiety.

February 2023

Harnessing the Power of Your Inner Chemistry

January 2023

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Peace shatters faster than glassWatch now (23 sec) | Peace can be a fragile thing, yet it is often the cornerstone of one’s wellbeing and overall happiness. Unfortunately, peace can…
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Understanding the 6 Essential Human Needs of Your Team for Successful Leadership
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December 2022

Done is better than perfectWatch now (8 sec) | As the saying goes, “Done is better than perfect.” This phrase is actually great advice for both personal and professional…
It’s Not The Smart People Who Do Things…Watch now (9 sec) | It’s the People Who Do The Things Who Look Smart
No one is in your mind. You are the only driver!Watch now (16 sec) | No one knows what’s going on in your mind. You are the only one in control of your thoughts, feelings, and decisions. You are the…
Establishing Command Intent in Your Life's Five Key Areas

November 2022

Plugging The Talent Drain Watch now (25 min) | It’s not (only) about the money! Watch/Listen/Read