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Catch Them Doing Something Good

Boost Morale and Foster Unity in the Workplace

When was the last time you acknowledged the efforts of an employee, a coworker--or your supervisor? I would guess that many can remember the last time they praised an employee, but it might require some thought to recall the last time they recognised the work of a peer or leader.

Catching people doing something excellent is a powerful management approach to use with employees, and everyone else as well. It can also be an outstanding way to foster trust and unity with others. Think about the last time you were celebrated for your efforts. I'd bet that you felt pretty pleased and inspired to keep up the great performance. Nobody is excluded from having the capacity to ignite a similar emotion in others.

"But", I hear you say, "Nobody notices me!" or "Nobody compliments me!"

I am sincerely sorry to hear that. It's become worse even though it's now easier than ever to drop an acknowledgment, gratitude, or praise. A thumbs up doesn't quite suffice.

Recall the late Dale Carnegie's sound advice to:

"make the other person feel important - and do it sincerely".

You won't only affect them to action, and make them feel good. It also makes you feel good! Your praise gives them a boost of dopamine, BUT YOU GET ONE TOO!

Bear in mind that the most effective praising is particular. Don’t just wander around saying “Thanks” to everyone, or even “Excellent job.” Those words become relatively insignificant when people hear them all the time. For instance, saying “Thanks” to the coworker who provided assistance with a project does not have the same impact on them as if you said “Thanks, James, for providing the data I needed to finish the quarterly report. I wouldn’t have been able to present it at the board meeting today without your support. I know I can always depend on you. I’m so glad you are part of this cross departmental team.” A few simple sentences like this do not take long to express, but they can have a substantial positive effect.

And don’t forget to let your boss know that you believe they are doing a fantastic job, as well! It’s easy for employees to envision their managers receiving plenty of positive feedback from their own bosses. But take a minute to consider how meaningful it would be for a boss to hear this statement from a junior employee they may not even realise is working hard.

Everyone likes to be noticed, and everyone deserves to be noticed!

Taking the time to recognise your colleagues, bosses, and employees shows that you appreciate the effort and hard work they put in. It’s a simple way to foster an atmosphere of respect and admiration, and to promote collaboration and unity in the workplace. And who knows, you might receive the same acknowledgment in return!

Actionable Insight: Take the time to recognise the hard work of your colleagues, bosses and employees by expressing particular and meaningful praise. Doing so will foster an atmosphere of respect and admiration, and promote collaboration and unity in the workplace.

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Dr John Kenworthy