Oct 20, 2016 • 17M

LA 045: I'll Believe it When I See it!

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Dr John Kenworthy
Helping marketplace leaders #UnStuck their true potential to thrive in life and leadership to build a successful, sustainable business with collaborative, high performance teams and Joy@Work with practical, neuroscience-based AdvantEdge Guides and coaching.
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In almost every workshop I run, someone will raise their requirement for empirical evidence or “solid proof” before they will commit to applying the tools and techniques that will bring them benefit. We often desire more evidence that something will work before we are prepared to commit resources to it. Being willing to trust something without certainty is a red flag to the brain. Specifically, your anterior cingulate cortex is struggling to find an amenable memory connection to success and raising your cortisol levels preparing your body for avoidance. It's like being a kid in the playground Sometimes you have to let go to move forward. At other times, you simply have to believe that someone else will hold on tight. Holding onto the monkey bars for dear life. You have to be prepared to let go, in order to move forward. (Let Go and Gain Control - episode 16) It's what you believe might, could, maybe happen that is more or less likely to be harmful or waste something you consider to be more valuable, like time or effort. Beliefs are similar to values in that they are part of our personal guidance system Beliefs often inform values, and values, in turn, reinforce our standing in regard to our beliefs. Beliefs are a critical part of what makes us who we are, but there is a distinction that I find helpful. A belief is something that we have no tangible, undeniable evidence to support. It is impossible to measure beliefs. We simply believe this to be so. Values, on the other hand, are measurable and quantifiable in some form – this does not make them all tangible, but the very fact that we place the word ‘value’ on something means that we can measure it in relation to other values. Bear with me as we delve briefly into the world of quantum physics Have you ever heard someone, perhaps yourself, say ”I’ll believe it when I see it!” Whatever this is about, from the belief in God to the belief that someone will do as they have said they will do, matters not. According to quantum physics, we have to believe it before we see it. (In fact, according to the Bible, we have to believe first, then we will see! Much like that kid holding on tight to that monkey bar, you'll find that many times you have to allow yourself to believe first so that you can do. Do whatever you need to do and then you'll see the evidence or "proof" that it works for you. Well, your belief in yourself and using these tools and techniques is critical to their success Let me take an example from the game of golf. Your belief informs your unconscious mind about any particular shot in golf – and this will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. your belief in your strategy, the alignment of the resources (people, tools, money) and that the market will respond in a particular way... It is a belief. The evidence comes AFTER the fact... never before! However much you might like to blame the tools, it is your mind that controls the club. You step up to the tee on your least favourite hole on the course. You prepare for the shot, you utter to yourself “I will make this drive, this time, it will be different, this time, I will strike the ball square on, the ball will soar through the air, and following a graceful arc it will land right smack in the middle of the fairway exactly where I’m aligned”. Your unconscious mind is informed by this belief and promptly provides you with a swing that will support your belief. How do you train yourself to do this? You spend several practice sessions building a new belief about your ‘nemesis’ hole (any hole for that matter). You visualise making the stroke, sending the ball to exactly where you want it. You do this in your mind’s eye, calmly, cool-ly, mindfully. Not only have you seen what you will see with your own eyes, you’ve heard what you will hear with your own ears, you’ve felt how you will feel having made the shot, you’ll taste victory and smell success, exactly as if you had achieved it. I’ll repeat that, exactly as if you had