What’s Going to be Your Growth on Investment (GOI)?

Joy@Work Subscriber Benefits and AdvantEdge Retained Coaching Service Levels and Pricing.

Our intent is to help you grow as a leader and, even as a free subscriber, you are investing your most precious resource… time.

You can also choose to invest your money - this helps us pay our bills (for which we thank you muchly) and means that we give you more that will help you grow more and more rapidly and efficiently.

If you are a self-starter type of learner with self-discipline to put your learning into action, then a subscription to Joy@Work may be all you need.

If you need more direct encouragement, development, guidance and someone to keep you challenged, motivated and inspired, you’ll want to consider our AdvantEdge Retained Coaching Services.

For the self-starters: we offer four levels of subscription to Joy@Work:

  1. Free subscribers get access to

    1. many of our GuidePosts and

    2. Podcasts - and

    3. can even preview much of the paid subscriber content.

  2. Paid subscribers (we call this “Personal”) get access to

    1. Free Joy@Work Assessment, and

    2. Influencing Style Inventory

    3. all the Online Guides and GuidePosts and

    4. are members of the community and able to participate in chats and comments.

    5. You can also get huge benefit from the weekly self-check-in review and

    6. ask for occasional ad-hoc coaching support by email (subject to fair use 😎).

  3. Founders get all of the personal benefits plus:

    1. Our GRIT+ Inventory, and

    2. Bi-Monthly Masterclasses, and

    3. Our deep appreciation for your support

  4. Groups - this is when you get together with a friend or several and sign up together. You get everything that Personal subscribers get plus:

    1. GRIT+ Inventory, and

    2. Bi-Monthly Masterclasses and

    3. Your really benefit from Buddy Coaching.

Here’s a pretty table highlighting all your benefits as a Joy@Work subscriber :

Now, a subscription to Joy@Work may not be enough for you and you need some serious, results focused, professional Executive Coaching, either individually or for a group in your organisation.

  • This includes Private client access to the AdvantEdge Coaching System and

  • We’ll co-create a personalised Learning Journey for each client with clear, specific and measurable objectives and measures.

  • Monthly 1-2-1 Full coaching sessions online (please check on time-zone challenges outside Asia Pacific!)

  • Regular TouchPoint Coaching sessions, and

  • GUARANTEED results!

These are corporate rates, i.e. your company sponsors and pays. Individuals wanting to great benefit of executive coaching (i.e. you are paying yourself and not your company) then we can reduce this price by up to 50%! We know, it’s a huge discount, but in our experience, when you’re paying out of your own pocket, there’s a whole lot less chasing and faffing about on our side and that, my friend, is time we can use more beneficially.